Vesta Slide-In Range

By Whirlpool Corporation

The Whirlpool Slide-In Ranges are designed to fit your kitchen and your cooking. Frozen Bake technology lets you skip preheating the oven range for frozen dishes. Food cooks faster with the range’s true convection cooking. Convection Conversion will automatically adjust cooking times and temperatures. Large griddles and other over-sized cookware heat evenly on the range stove with the center oval burner. And when it’s time to clean up, EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates provide quick access to wipe up spills on the kitchen range’s cooktop.

Description of Services:

Engineering – Developed new test procedures and new metrics for passing flame containment testing. Owned the subsystem development for consoles on the gas, electric, and induction Whirlpool branded slide-in range. Performed and analyzed heat capacity testing on console substrate materials.

3D Modeling – Worked closely with US vendors and in-house design team to make modifications on thermoset console parts. Managed console assemblies in ProE Wildfire.

Project Management and Delivery – Owned the Whirlpool brand console mechanical system through two engineering builds. Debugged issues with factory and US vendors. Managed BOM and costing.

Prototyping – Created prototypes for shielding and containing flames in the event of a control board fire. Created modified ventilation system to divert heat away from sensitive areas like the control board. Assembled 20 engineering units at the factory during each engineering build.

Results – Saved $2M and shortened project testing time by several months with new flame containment test. Developed while being a part of the in-house Product Development Cooking team at Whirlpool.

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