Contigo Handled AutoSeal Portable Beverage Mug

By Newell Brands (Ignite USA)

The Contigo Handled AutoSeal 16oz Mug provides users an auto-sealing travel mug with a one-handed drinking operation. Drink from either side of the mug by pushing the button on the handle. The dual sided drink interface allows you to use whichever hand you prefer. The mug seals automatically after every sip – and with the added sliding lock feature, you can toss it in your bag without having to worry about spills. The double walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel body keeps beverages hot for 5 hrs and cold for 15 hrs. To clean – push on the tab under the lid to drop down the sealing mechanism and access the drink seals. The lid is dishwasher safe, so cleaning hard to reach areas is a breeze!

Description of Services:

Engineering – Engineered new lid mechanism and body construction style to create a dual sided drink interface with one-handed operation. Created new locking mechanism to prevent unwanted button actuation.

3D Modeling – Partnered with an in-house Industrial Design team to take an ‘A’ surface 3D model and build up a fully engineered SolidWorks model. Worked closely with design team to incorporate aesthetic requirements into sub components.

Project Management and Delivery – Debugged new electroplating process with overseas vendors on aesthetic trim piece. Visited overseas vendors to assist in dialing in tooling during engineering prototype rounds. Managed vendors through tooling debug to deliver an end-product that met all engineering, design, and marketing requirements.

Prototyping – Created 3D printed and CNC cut prototypes to dial in feel and function of button and sealing mechanisms. Worked with overseas vendors to create multiple proof-of-concept prototypes on electroplated trim piece. Determined optimal solution for attachment method and desired polished aesthetic that remained robust and dishwasher safe.

Results – Resulted in new sales at Target and WalMart. Patents pending.