Contigo Evoke Beverage Bottle

By Newell Brands (Ignite USA)

The Contigo Evoke Water Bottle is designed with an attached lid and a quick-twist mechanism that allows for easy access, so there’s no need to unscrew the lid fully to drink. A quick, quarter twist opens the lid, which also stays open so you can drink with one hand. The large spout makes it easy to sip water and fits full ice cubes. It seals fully with a simple snap-to-close, so you can throw it in a bag without worry. For added security, there is a sliding lock that prevents the lid from being opened. The bottle also comes in multiple high fashion colors and includes a smooth, silicone carry tether. For cleaning hard to reach areas, simply unscrew the entire lid from the bottle and wash with easy access. Keeps beverages cold for 15 hrs.

Description of Services:

Engineering –  Engineered new-to-market lid mechanism and body construction to launch a twist-and-flip, chug style drinking interface on a stainless-steel, vacuum insulated travel bottle. Created new locking mechanism to prevent accidental lid opening.

Prototyping – Prototyped several 3D printed and CNC cut ABS parts to prove out feasibility and feel of the lid and lock mechanisms. Prototyped multiple silicone seals to dial in fit and function to create fully sealing product while still keeping it easy to open. Worked with overseas vendors to produce multiple metallic logo medallions to prove out anodization process and attachment method.

3D Modeling – Created entire CAD assembly in SolidWorks from designer ‘A’ surface. Worked with in-house design team to dial in component aesthetics.

Project Management and Delivery – Worked with overseas vendors to dial in specific feel to create a premium user experience. Managed vendors to hold dimensions within tolerance. Debugged a new-to-the company graphics application on the bottle and created test specs to evaluate design quality and durability. Debugged a new-to-the-company aluminum anodization process on the aesthetic logo medallion.

Results – Resulted in new sales at Target. Patents pending.