AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle

By Newell Brands (Ignite USA)

The AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle provides a large capacity thermal bottle that will keep beverages hot for 16 hrs and cold for 30 hrs. The removable cap doubles as a drinking cup. The inner cap unscrews partially to provide a 360 degree pouring interface. Unscrew all the way to clean hard to reach areas. If you want to switch to a one-handed drinking interface, you can remove this cap to use with other AVEX lids.

Description of Services:

Engineering – Led quality control effort after discovering complaints given to our customer service department. Redesigned cup components to implement a more secure attachment method that was new to the company.

3D Modeling – Developed new weld geometry for stainless steel cap attachment in SolidWorks.

Project Management and Delivery – Tested new concept according to in-house engineering standards. Debugged new attachment method with vendors.

Prototyping – Worked with overseas vendors to create prototypes of multiple stainless steel cap geometries and attachment methods to PP inner cap. Showcased functionality of concept in terms of retention to the inner cap, and preventing water ingress during dishwasher use.

Results – Eliminated consumer complaints on cap retention.